What Is Cholinergic Urticaria?

Cholinergic urticaria is a type of physical hives that many people due experience. This can also be called heat bumps and rashes. These can be very small weals that are bright red colors. This can be caused by emotional stress, eating spicy foods, occlusive dressings, hot baths, exercise, and fever. It’s common for these sufferers to also experience other types of urticaria. These include cold urticaria, pressure urticaria, and dermographism.

Hives and Angioedma Explained

Hives and angioedema are the same in that they make your body react with the same symptoms. This is a result of histamine in the body. When this blood plasma leaks out of the tiny blood vessels within the skin it causes swelling. Allergic reactions can be from foods, insect bites, medicines, and even extreme temperatures. It’s very likely for those that only experience hives once in their lifetime to not really know what the trigger was. The only true way to know is repeat exposure to see if the hives come back. You can learn more about hives at http://arehivescontagious.net/.

Therapy Sessions For Phobias

CBT is a typical therapy treatment used to help patient’s overcome their phobias. These are fears that are persistent and irrational for over six full weeks. This type of therapy is done typically in weekly sessions that last for about an hour each time. If you take an active role in overpowering your fear your therapist will be able to successfully help you overcome it. They may even give you homework outside of these sessions to better help your progress. These will typically be exercises where you write down your thoughts in a diary when you become anxious towards the object of your fear.

What’s Up With Eczema?

Eczema is a broad term that describes a condition of itchy skin patches. This is a superficial inflammatory process that involves the epidermis level of the body. This brings on redness, itching, vesicles, papules, weeping, crusting, and oozing. It can develop into scaling later or change of pigmentation. This can also be called atopic dermatitis. The work eczema is derived from the Greek word ekzein meaning to boil out. This means that boiling skin is what eczema is. This skin condition is prominent in children, but does effect adults as well. You can learn more about this condition by visiting http://revitoleczemacreamtherapy.com/.

Answering Your Questions About Fibrositis

Fibrositis, also known medically as fibromyalgia, is a syndrome that is characterized by chronic widespread pain and tenderness throughout the body. This is not considered an arthritis-related condition because it doesn’t cause damage or inflammation to the joints, the pain is similar to it. This condition can cause significant pain and fatigue.

Some other symptoms that a person can experience are…

  • ibs
  • headaches
  • morning stiffness
  • sleep disturbances
  • restless leg syndrome
  • temperature sensitivity
  • hypersensitivity to bright lights and/or loud noises

It’s estimated that currently about five million Americans suffer from this condition who are over the age of 18. Most of these diagnosis results are in women. Men and children can be affected by this condition, but it’s less likely. If you enjoyed this question and answer session you can read more up on this subject of fibrositis at http://whatisfibrositis.com/.

The Fascinating Tips About Vaginas That You Didn’t Know

We though we would start off our first real post with some upbeat facts about vaginas that many women don’t really now, or even think about. Let’s just drive right in shall we?

Pubic hair is intended for more than just funding waxing salons. It’s first priority is to protect the sensitive skin of the vagina. It’s also a great trap for those pheromones that attract the opposite sex and make our womanhood something of desire.

The clitoris is very complex and made for female pleasure. The clitoris itself houses over eight thousand nerve endings. Comparing this to your male partner, the penis has roughly four thousand.

The vagina is meant to expand. At usual pace the vagina is about three to four inches long. However, during sexual arousal the vagina can expand up to two hundred percent of it’s original state. It’s important to remember that the vagina is meant to house babies, so it’s structured to stretch. No matter how big your guy is, it will definitely fit.

The vagina is meant to help health the body. Having regular sex and orgasms can provide you with a number of benefits. These include lower risk of heart disease, improved fitness, relieving menstrual cramps, lowering the risk of depression and stress, improving self esteem, and helping you sleep. We really could go on and on about the benefits you can receive from sex, but we think you get the picture.

If you would like to read more about the vagina and discover additional fascinating information you never knew be sure to visit http://v-tightgelreviews.net/common-misconceptions-loose-vaginas/.