The Fascinating Tips About Vaginas That You Didn’t Know

We though we would start off our first real post with some upbeat facts about vaginas that many women don’t really now, or even think about. Let’s just drive right in shall we?

Pubic hair is intended for more than just funding waxing salons. It’s first priority is to protect the sensitive skin of the vagina. It’s also a great trap for those pheromones that attract the opposite sex and make our womanhood something of desire.

The clitoris is very complex and made for female pleasure. The clitoris itself houses over eight thousand nerve endings. Comparing this to your male partner, the penis has roughly four thousand.

The vagina is meant to expand. At usual pace the vagina is about three to four inches long. However, during sexual arousal the vagina can expand up to two hundred percent of it’s original state. It’s important to remember that the vagina is meant to house babies, so it’s structured to stretch. No matter how big your guy is, it will definitely fit.

The vagina is meant to help health the body. Having regular sex and orgasms can provide you with a number of benefits. These include lower risk of heart disease, improved fitness, relieving menstrual cramps, lowering the risk of depression and stress, improving self esteem, and helping you sleep. We really could go on and on about the benefits you can receive from sex, but we think you get the picture.

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